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Haven’s Closet

This past year we saw a substantial increase in people needing clothing assistance, especially families and individuals staying in shelters. We have had the pleasure of witnessing how a few pieces of warm clothing or houseware items can impact our clients’ lives.

We owe a thank you to many supporters of the Haven’s Closet. Let us express our gratitude to one of our generous donors: Duke's Source For Sports provided us with brand-new clothing items, such as jackets, hoodies and joggers! Our clients were certainly delighted to receive them.

A woman came into Haven traumatized by domestic abuse and having to live in her car. We were able to provide her with warm clothing, food and the names of agencies that could help her to find housing. She has kept in contact with us and, over the last few months, has completed her education and is seeking employment. She was recently placed in housing and is so relieved to not be forced to spend the winter in her car! We could provide her with kitchenware and bedding to make her new home comfortable and cozy.

A little girl was given a pretty dress with a picture of Elsa from the movie Frozen on the front of it. She insisted on putting the dress on immediately and spending the next hour twirling around the Haven, making us all smile.

A refugee family of six arrived from a warm climate and stayed in a hotel shelter. Not only was Haven’s Closet able to provide them with winter jackets, but we also directed them to a nearby playground so the children could have some fun after being cooped up in a single room.

From our hearts to yours, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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