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Greetings from the Board

John Jefkins - President Haven on the Queensway Board

Challenges bring opportunities. Many are facing a perfect storm, with inflation driving increased costs combined with the after-effects and everyday stress caused by COVID and world events. This has resulted in the increased usage of Haven services, including many first-time users.

When visiting the Haven, there is a “bee-hive” of activity. The organization has a strong community demonstrating commitment and enthusiasm by staff and volunteers with increased financial support from sponsors, foundations, and donors.

There are many 2022 accomplishments to meet this increased need, and I am pleased to highlight a few:

  • The growing number of volunteers who are the engine of the Haven - 86 offering their time in areas such as the Food Bank and Haven’s Closet, Hope with Wheels, First Care and Haven Helping Seniors programs.

  • Our corporate financial support has grown substantially leading directly to the growth in our programs.

  • Our major fundraising events, (Coldest Night of the Year walk and Golf tournament) were the most successful to date surpassing the fundraising goals in both cases as well as seeing many new sponsors come on board to lend their support.

  • The support from our many Foundations remained very strong with a few new relationships being cultivated that promise to bring many more years of financial assistance to the Haven.

The Haven has excelled in recording growth under the excellent leadership of its dedicated staff and volunteers. I also recognize the strong contribution of my fellow Board members (John Kazek, Cintia De Aguiar, Ina Goodhart, Rodney Ikeda, Mike Palaniandi and Roger Berg) for their leadership and guidance. The Haven is in a strong position to advance further in 2023, delivering services and engaging the community.

On behalf of the Board, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Holiday Season and Happy New Year. Words cannot express our appreciation for all your significant efforts in delivering much-needed services and assistance to our community.

John Jefkins President of the Board Haven on the Queensway

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