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Haven Helping Seniors

For many seniors in our community, COVID-19 brought even more isolation and loneliness. We have stayed in contact with them through our weekly phone calls and art activities. However, we were eager to meet them again in person, share a cup of coffee, have a good chat and smile.

During the second semester of this year, we had the pleasure to reunite with many of them in our IT workshops and, more recently, in an amazing day trip to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

With the Ontario Seniors Community Grant’s support, we invited 40 seniors to a day trip full of friendship, good food and meaningful art. We also had the opportunity to celebrate Remembrance Day together and meet old and new friends. We thank our great volunteers who helped us make this day a success.

We wish a Merry Christmas and a great 2023 to our seniors, their families, and the volunteers and donors who support our work.

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