With a new school year approaching, Haven on the Queensway is working to help less fortunate children start the new school year off right with our Got Your Back program. We believe that all the children should start the school year with all the tools and supplies to be successful. We want to pack and fill 20 backpacks with all the school essentials!

Did you know that 20% out of Toronto's 507,810 children live in poverty? Some children don’t wake up with a good breakfast to start their day, and for some lunch is their schoolmate sharing leftovers from the lunch they don’t want, all because their parents have low wage jobs and rent consumes most of the income. For many, the hope of receiving help starts here at the Haven.


We are reaching out to local businesses and the community to join in the Got Your Back drive. Our goal is to raise $4.000 and we hope we can count on you to get kids off to a great start to their school year!


A monetary gift of $50.00 gift will provide one child with a brand new backpack from Blue Eye Marketing filled with all the essentials to start the new school year. (Any donation of $20.00 or more to the Haven receives a tax receipt.)

Or, you can donate specific school supplies that will be put into the backpacks to help kids get the best start to the school year.. Here are the items we are hoping for and the totals we want to achieve:

  • 50 boxes of facial tissues (Kindergarten to Grade 3)

  • 60 packages of pencils

  • 60 pencil sharpeners

  • 120 mechanical pencils

  • 40 packs of Crayola crayons

  • 120 erasers

  • 40 washable markers

  • 50 glue sticks

  • 40 blunt tip scissors

  • 40 exercise books (JK to Grade 3)

  • 50 binders (1½”)

  • 75 index dividers

  • 75 reinforcements

  • 40 packs of lined paper

  • 50 notebooks

  • 80 packs of coloured pencils (Crayola or Laurentians)

  • 40 highlighters

  • 120 rulers

  • 40 packs of whiteout strips

  • 45 calculators

  • 38 scientific or graphing calculators

  • 50 blue or black pens

  • 120 pencil cases

  • 100 lunch bags

  • 40 geometry sets

  • 100 packages of sticky notes

  • 40 packs of graph paper

Will you help our kids? Your gift will have tremendous impact on their lives by helping them with their skills, vision, and motivation to change the cycle of poverty.  Thank you for partnering with us to help our kids!

The backpacks will be distributed on Wed. Aug. 22 and Wed. Aug. 29 at the Haven.

You can donate online or in person at the Haven. For more information, please contact 416-640-2005.

Please share our campaign using the hashtag #GotYourBack

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