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Free home upgrades for families in need

If you’re living on a fixed income or finding it hard to stretch your monthly budget, our friends at Enbridge Gas are here to help. The Home Winterproofing Program can lower your energy use by up to 30 percent, saving you money and making your home more comfortable year-round.

What can I receive?

How do I qualify?

If I rent my home, can I qualify?

How does it work?

Ready to start saving?

The free upgrades include draft proofing to seal air leaks, new insulation to increase comfort and a smart thermostat to allow you to save energy easily, even when you’re away from home. All upgrades will be installed by a professional, at no cost to you.

The program is open to Enbridge Gas customers who meet set income levels or are already receiving help from a government program, such as Ontario Works. Your home needs to be heated with natural gas and the account must be in your name.

Yes, if you meet the income levels. You’ll have to provide written permission from your landlord before the upgrades can be installed.

If your household qualifies, you’ll first get a free home energy assessment scheduled at your convenience from a trusted program delivery agent. Qualified contractors will then complete the installation of all upgrades, plus cleanup. A follow-up visit will also be scheduled to confirm that your home upgrades have been completed and that you’re satisfied.


Please note that Enbridge Gas is actively monitoring the latest COVID-19 updates from public health and government officials. All program delivery agents follow the recommended guidelines during in-home visits, including physical distancing, personal protective equipment and sanitization precautions.

Visit to find out more and apply to the program.

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