Recently, Dave (not real name) shared his story with us about a man named Sam who became homeless in his neighbourhood (for privacy, we cannot disclose the location). He did not know much about Sam except that he made himself a home on the park bench near the library. On rainy nights, Sam slept, standing up, under the library door awning as there wasn’t enough room to lay down. Our associate carried food to him every other day and gave him a sleeping bag and over time learned a bit more of why he became homeless. 

One day, Dave noticed that Sam had holes in his shoes and needed clean clothing. Dave, having participated in one of the Health Medical Outreach events hosted by the Haven, decided to reach out to us for help. When we heard this touching story, the Haven provided new shoes, as well as some clothing from our Clothing Boutique and survival kits from our Hope with Wheels program. Dave was very pleased with our help and said we exceeded his expectations. He continues to create a relationship with Sam and hopes that someday he will find a home.  

Through your generous donations, we were able to equip community members to reach the people in need where they are. This is how you are helping Haven help others.